In view of current technology trend, Cloud Solution has been one of the hottest topic in the current market. Our telephone and contact center cloud solution aim to lower the total cost of investment and eliminate the need for customer to maintain the solution in its own data center. All the server and application are hosted in the cloud infrastructure and customer just need to pay monthly subscription.


Benefit of Cloud Solution:

  • Low Initial Investment: customer just need to pay monthly subscription to start the business and enjoy full functionally. Purchase of servers, applications, setup services and datacenter facilities is not required.
  • Maintenance Free: eliminate the hassle for system patch, system release and hardware upgrade.
  • No IT support staff: customer do not required to have IT support staff to maintenance the system since the system already hosted in the cloud manage by cloud provider.
  • Scalability: customer can start with small capacity and increase capacity by just increase the subscription. Customer can also decrease the capacity by just decrease the subscription.
  • Instant Deployment: the platform is ready in the cloud, customer just need to subscribe and deploy
  • Ease of Relocation: since the application is reside in the cloud, customer can relocate to another premise anytime.

Unparallelled Support

At Trisilco Radiance Communications Sdn Bhd, we offer excellent post-sales support to our clients. With a large fleet of vehicles and a support team of over 70 personnel, we are able to offer our customers prompt and efficient service support

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